Annual Tofino Fishing Derby


Organizers of the Tofino Legion Fishing Derby have banned long-time Tofino fisherman and owner of Ospray Fishing Charters, Shawn Hillier, from entering their 33rd annual salmon derby.

“My boat just wins too often,” says Shawn. “They want to give someone else a chance.”

Shawn’s boat has won Tofino’s longest-running derby more than eight times, four of them with the same client. This year, he’ll just be watching, and looking for other derbies to take on.

“I was a bit bummed out at first, but then I figured it’s probably a good sign that I keep winning every year,” Shawn says. “There are no hard feelings. It’s a great derby, and they’re a great organization. Anyway, now that I can’t do that one, I’ll just have to start winning other derbies. And of course, focusing on charters.”

You can book a salmon charter with Shawn and his award-winning boat right now, there are still some spaces available this season. You can also check out the website for the derby, or follow the event on Facebook for more information.


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