Halibut Fishing Charter


Our Tofino Halibut fishing charters begin in March as these migrating bottom hugging Flounders come onto our baitfish rich offshore banks from the deep abyss of the Pacific Ocean and sometimes wander into our protected inlets, following the same returning spawning Herring that the Salmon follow.

We welcome Spring as the ocean calms and we can comfortably access the offshore banks where the majority of Halibut congregate to gorge themselves on the ever bountiful baitfish that lives there. In our area, these Halibut average around 25 lbs with 50 lb fish not uncommon and fish over 200 lbs have come from our waters. These Flounders continue to roam the offshore banks until Fall when they drop back to their winter grounds on the bottom in 1000 ft + of water, well out of reach until Spring.

To catch these Flounders on our Tofino fishing charters we sometimes troll with downriggers for them but usually we use drift fishing techniques where we bounce a variety of artificial or fresh baits such as Herring, Anchovy, Squid, Octopus and Salmon chunks or use lead jigging lures along the underwater slopes where these fish situate themselves to feed.

We can also access underwater rock pinnacles closer to shore to jig for Rockfish, Snappers and Lingcod with the occasional surprise Halibut.

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