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Sept 310 Albies 042

Starting late August thru the month of September, when the sea’s conditions are calm enough and the water temperature current breaks are favourable we offer pelagic trips for Albacore Tuna. These incredibly fast and powerful swimmers provide a real thrill for even the most ardent angler and put our gear and tackle to the test!

These 15 to 40lb  fish are found in the blue water off deep water canyons beyond the continental shelf from 30 to 50 miles from land.

Safety is our #1 priority with this fishery and you will be in good hands with your Captain that has over 30 years of professional fishing guide experience. The ability to be flexible with the schedule will give our potential clients a better chance to access these swimming torpedos!

These fast-swimming ocean roamers are eating machines that travel in large schools and are part of a unique fishing experience which features some different marine birds not seen inshore such as the Albatross as well as many species of porpoises, dolphins, whale and sharks.

We employ a fast troll using mostly surface and shallow running lures. Multiple hookups aren’t unusual when you find an active school of these tasty and fun to catch long finned visitors from the South.

These trips are 10 to 12 hours in duration and do not include 5% GST, licenses and gratuities.


  • 2 persons                                         $ 1400
  • 3 persons                                         $ 1500
  • 4 persons                                          $1600

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